Cephas Kadiri

Cephas Kadiri is a Nigerian good governance advocate. He is founder and director at Grassroots Project for Good Governance (GPGG), an advocacy lead promoting improved governance and purpose driven leadership in Nigeria.

Uwemedimoh Sampson
Team lead

A graduate of the university of Lagos, where he honed his skills in business development, Uwemedimoh Sampson is a team lead at GPGG, where he helps design campaigns and implement projects promoting good governance.

Mr. Uwemedimoh is a team player who loves travelling and reading.

Bolujoko Olumayowa
Co-lead, Research

Mr. Bolujoko Olumayowa holds a diploma in business administration and a BSC (Hons) in economics from the university of Lagos. He has lead the research team at GPGG since April 2019.

Mr. Bolujoko is a skilled researcher who enjoys watching soccer, volunteering and solving puzzles.